Word Scramble

Directions Kids love arranging scrambled letters into appropriate words. We offer unlimited combinations of scrambled letters to make your kids happy and busy as they unscramble the words.

Herein, questions are generated depending upon the selections in the question setting. You can choose either "show image” or "No Image”. If you choose "show image” the reference image will displayed to identify the word.

You can choose the category as per your liking in the question setting. Questions are generated from the selected category. If you want a mixed bag, select "All” option.

For a new set of questions, simply change the settings and submit. A new set of questions will be created. The given set of questions will prevail unless you change the numbers.

Your updated tally will reflect on the scoreboard after answering each question. The scoreboard will be automatically cleared for every new question sessions.
Question Setting
Select "Show Image" to display the image for reference for the questions. Select "No image" to remove the reference image.
Select your desired category to create questions.
Subscribing with us will extend to you, unlimited practice sessions. Kindly check our very affordable subscription plans for uninterrupted learning time for you and kids.