Planning is essential for kids

You get up in the morning late because you slept the previous night late. You get up and realize that you are way behind schedule for getting ready for school. You somehow manage to get ready just in time and catch the school bus, but en route realize that you aren’t carrying the assignment that you were supposed to submit today.

Everything is bound to get jumbled up if you do not plan your daily schedules. Planning helps you to keep a tab on what is important and the date and time limit for each activity. This is especially relevant for your studies. Kids attending elementary school can chalk out their own timetables easily, with little help from their parents.

Why should you make your daily schedules?

Because if kids do not plan, it would be extremely difficult for them to manage their studies and extracurricular activities, the balanced way. Everything would just go haywire. You should know the importance to be given to each activity. Planning will make you more responsible and help you complete all your tasks, in an appropriate way.

Isn’t being unplanned a lot of fun?

It is not because you may devote more time to unimportant activities and miss the essential ones. Scheduling helps you to manage your daily routine in a much better way. In fact, making agendas and working on them will give you a sense of accomplishment.

What all should you incorporate?

All the activities that you generally do on a given day. Right from the moment you get up, to the time you take to get ready for the school, on games in the evening, in watching television and eating meals, and last but not the least, on your school homework. You should chalk out a different to-do list for your studies, taking into account your subjects and the pending assignments.

The most important should come first

When you make the projections, make sure that you make the allocation according to the importance of the activity, and the ideal amount of time required for completing it. For example, you might be late for school every day in spite of getting up early. Think back, where are you going wrong? Are you taking too long at the breakfast table or are you simply lazing around in the morning. Give special importance to the slots where you feel
you need to work on.

Why should you do the exercise and not your parents?

Simply because you’ve got to stick to it and not them. If somebody else makes the same, you might not feel contented and make the effort to follow it, half-heartedly. You should know your priorities well and the ways of working out your way through them. When you make the timetable yourself, you will try harder to make a success of it.

I have worked out my schedule but I can’t stick to it

There could be two reasons for it, either you have made a plan that is not feasible for following, or else, you are not trying hard enough to abide by it. Whatever the reason, you only have the best of the answers. If you feel you have gone overboard on certain aspects, revise.

Studies are taking up chunk of time; there’s hardly any left for playing

That wouldn’t be the case if you study with absolute concentration and try to complete your work, as soon as possible. Approach every task wholeheartedly, and give it your best. If done so, you will get enough time to play with your friends.

Planning the schedules is a futile exercise in case you do not to stick by it. This activity will make your life uncluttered, and give you sufficient time for everything that you want to do.