Parents Corner

We not only want the kids to be knowledgeable but their parents to be better informed as well. This section tells parents how to go about understanding their kids a wee bit better, get hands on tips on parenting, and build their child's self esteem too.

Better Parenting

Knowing your 6-7 Year Old Kid

You will find that your 6-7 year-old is fast making his way to big-kid territory. He’s not your baby any longer. As your child makes a natural push for independence, you will find yourself laughing, crying and sometimes both. For parents, this year can be... More

Kids Full of Surprise at 4-5

The year between your child’s fourth and fifth birthday will be full of surprises. You’ll notice that she expresses herself more clearly, the result being fewer melt downs and tantrums. This is the year to encourage her increased independence and... More

From Baby to Kid: Knowing Your 2-3 Year-Old

The year between 2 and 3 is an exciting one for parents and children. The changes you see in your child will be remarkably fast and sometimes frustrating. Some 2 year olds experience what many call the Terrible Two’s. Other kids wait a little and have the... More

Electronics and Kids - Good or Bad?

Parents today struggle with computers, phones, tablets and other electronics competing for their children’s attention. What is the right thing to do? Many argue that children have grown and learned for millennia without electronics and insist on an absolute... More

Self Esteem

Ways to Build Kids' Confidence

Everyone wants to raise a confident kid. Lots of parents put an emphasis on getting kids ready for school-related activities and on praising their children’s every move. But, it is important not to overlook building skills that make a children confident in... More

Activities & Essentials for Kids

Activities and Skills Essential for Kids

As soon as a child is born she is launched on a lifelong journey of discovery. During the first three years of life a child learns more than she ever will again in her life. Think about it -- she must learn to eat, communicate her needs without language,... More

Indoor Games for 2-6 Year-Old Kids

We all experience times where the weather or health demands we be inside with our children. Boredom can set in quickly and you can end up feeling like you’re going to lose your mind. Be prepared with some easy indoor activities that can actually help... More

Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

We are all born creative. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. If we weren’t born creative we would never figure out how to roll over, sit up, or cry/laugh/whimper for attention. And, that’s before we have language skills! Somewhere between learning these skills... More

Kids' Diseases

First Aid Essentials for 2-6 Year-Old kids

Every home should have a well-stocked first aid kit. If you have 2-6 year-olds in the house, there are a few extras that will ensure you are well-prepared for any emergency. While you can purchase pre-made first aid kits (and these are great to keep in... More

Keeping Sick Kids Quiet

Nothing is quite as sad as a miserable, sick child. Whether they have bronchitis, the flu or strep throat, it is hard to keep them comfortable while they are really sick. Antibiotics and fever reducers go a long way in making children comfortable during the... More

Healthy Eating

Five Fun Recipes Kids Can Make

It is never too early to get your kids involved with making their own food. Not only will it build their confidence, they will be learning valuable skills that will carry them through their lives. Below are five simple recipes that even very young kids can... More

Gardening with Kids

Looking for an family activity with a pay off? Start a garden! You don’t need acres and acres of land. Heck, you don’t even need land. Anyone, any age can learn to garden. Gardening with kids is a great way to introduce them to all sorts of concepts:... More

Controlling Kids

Have Fun Teaching Your Kids Table Manners

Once your child begins the transition from high chair to sitting at the family table, it’s time to begin teaching the basics of table manners. It takes a little thought, but by starting early and reinforcing manners daily, kids soon develop the habit of... More

Small Kids and Restaurants

We’ve all been to restaurants and watched in horror as a family allows their child to run wild, throw tantrums and generally make the experience unpleasant for everyone. Don’t be that family! Use these tips from experienced parents, restaurant managers,... More

Time-Outs and the Magic Bottle

Children in the three to six year-old age group are known for their strong feelings, good and bad. When they’re happy, they are delightful, fun little people. When they are upset, disappointed, angry or just too tired to cope they can be a nightmare. When... More

House Rules Kids Can Remember and Follow

When you have children you soon learn that some rules have to be clear and consistently enforced or your home-life will devolve into chaos and anarchy. But, it is not rational or possible to create rules for every possible scenario that may arise. A few... More

Study Time

Setting Kids Up for Homework Success

If your children are not yet of school age, consider implementing a few routines at home NOW to make the transition to school and the reality of homework smoother for your entire family when the time comes. It is not uncommon for kindergartners to bring... More

Early Math Skills for Preschool Kids

Preschoolers are full of curiosity about the world around them. You probably hear the questions, “Why?” “What is . . . ?” and “How do . . .?” many times each day. As your 3-4-5 year-old become more aware of the world, you will find that the answers to... More