Directions Learn addition with unlimited practice sessions. Use the questions setting with your expertise. Preschool kids may practice with small numbers and primary school students may practice with big numbers.

All you require is any two numbers, between 0 (the minimum value) and 99999 (the maximum value) for generating the questions. The system will generate a maximum of 25 random questions depending on these numbers.

You have the option of entering the answer with “Enter answer” or choosing the answer with “Choose answer” for taking the questions. When you choose “Enter Answer” you need to enter the answer in the answer box. If you choose “Choose Answer”, the system will provide you with 4 options for selecting the right answer.

For a new set of questions, simply change the settings and submit. A new set of questions will be created. The given set of questions will prevail unless you change the numbers.

Your updated tally will reflect on the scoreboard after answering each question. The scoreboard will be automatically cleared for every new question sessions.
Question Setting
Enter the first number to generate questions. Minimum 0 and maximum 99999.
Enter the second number to generate questions. Minimum 0 and maximum 99999.
Choose the option to take the question. "Enter answer" to enter answer directly else "Choose answer" for options to show.
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