Interesting Math Activities

Math Activities

Teaching numbers to preschoolers can be a slightly daunting task. Though they may take up to learning numbers easily, but to remember each number name and associate itself with as many number of items, can be a bit confusing for children. Kids need activities that help them learn about numbers easily; simple book teaching will not yield much result here. Though the usual method of counting the items by numbers are followed everywhere, here is a list of few other simple activities that will go a long way in reinforcing the concept of numbers.

Fingerprint Counting

Fingerprint counting is fun, easy and very engaging. Kids with this activity not only learn about numbers but also learn about colors. All that the activity requires is a few bottles of finger paints and a piece of paper and you are good to go. The teacher is required to write down a few numbers on the paper and the kids are required to dip their index finger in the paint bottles and make as many numbers of fingerprints. Too add some more excitement to the activity, the teacher can ask the kids to fingerprint with particular color paints.

Counting with Legos

Legos are not only meant to build figures; they can be effectively used for counting as well. The teacher is only required to give a few pieces of legos to the kids and they will build a formation with as many numbers of legos. For example, for number 5, the kids will stack 5 legos, one on top of the other. This game is very exciting for the kids because 1) they get to play with their favorite construction toys and 2) they also learn to balance the legos.

Watermelon Seeds Counting

Watermelon isn’t just a great fruit but it also gives us countless seeds that can be put to some great uses, especially for learning numbers! In this activity the teacher will draw a watermelon with several partitions. The drawing could be of any other shape too. Each such partition should have a number written on it. The kids will stick as many numbers of watermelon seeds as mentioned in the partitions. The kids here not only reinforce their counting skills and learn about the fruit but hone their fine motor skills too when they hold the tiny seeds with their tiny fingers.

Baking a Pizza

Which kid doesn’t love pizzas? Now pizzas can help kids with numbers too. The teachers in this activity will give cutouts vegetables for pizza toppings to kids like onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and capsicums. The teacher will specify the numbers of each such topping item that are required to be put on the pizza and the serial order for putting the same. The kids with this activity not only learn about numbers alone but also learn about cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Counting with Marshmallows

This is one activity that kids will simply adore. The teacher will give the cutouts of mugs with hot chocolate to the kids with a number specified in each of the mug. The kids will stick as many numbers of marshmallows as mentioned, on to the mug. With this activity they will learn numbers and addition too.