List of Vegetables

Cherry red tomatoes, sparking green mint, red, green, and yellow chili pepper along with all their vegetable friends, want you to know how nutritious they are. Our vegetable page tells you everything about the each of the vegetables and the benefits that they carry. You will discover interesting facts about these crunchy, deliciously delectable natural produces, including the way they appear and the taste they produce, here.


Artichoke is a native to the Mediterranean region. The flower develops an edible bud. The bud consists of fuzzy, immature florets in the centre called choke. The choke is... More


Beetroots, also known as table beet, garden beet or golden beet in North America, are clean globe shaped vegetables with no soft areas. They have a dark purple skin and... More

Bitter gourds

Bitter Gourds is also called Bitter melon or Bitter squash. It is most bitter amongst all vegetables. Bitter gourds look like Cucumber but with gourd like bumps all over them... More


Brinjals, also known as Eggplants, come in shapes such as long, thin, round or egg. Their color ranges from purple, white to green. They have a satin like skin with spongy... More


Cabbages are leafy green vegetables. They are known for their densely leafed heads. They are found in green, purple, and white colors. Smooth leafed firm headed green... More


Carrots are sweet, delicious, crunchy vegetable. They come in pink, red, or orange colors. Carrots can be eaten raw and are easily digestible. They have ferny leaves that... More


Cauliflowers belong to the cabbage family. They have roundish head that is creamy white and looks like a white cloud. It is actually a flower. The parts of the plant that are... More


Chayote is a pear shaped vegetable that is green with slightly wrinkled skin. It belongs to the Cucumber and Squash family. It has a single seed that is edible. This... More


The Chestnut trees are native to North America, Europe, China, and Japan. European Settlers brought these trees to Australia and New Zealand. Chestnuts are part of the same... More

Chili pepper

Chilies are famous as chili peppers, in parts other than Asia. They come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely hot. There are more than 400 varieties of chilies. They... More


Coconut is a fruit from the coconut palm tree. They have a smooth outer, dark brown hairy husk with three eyes at one end and a thin brown skin covering and the white flesh.... More

Coriander leaves

Coriander, also known as Cilantro, is one of the most versatile herbs of all plants, roots, stems, and seeds. They are used for cooking. The stem of the leaf is green, smooth... More


Corn is known as maize throughout the world. Sweet corn cobs are long and cylindrical in shape. The cob is enclosed in leaf like papery husks. Inside the husks are small bead... More


Cucumber belongs to the family of melons and pumpkins. They come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Cucumber comes in various colors such as white and green. The inner... More


Drumstick is a popular vegetable, grown in many parts of India. They are long, slender with triangular seedpods. The tree is famous for being the powerhouse of minerals. This... More

Fiddlehead fern

Fiddlehead ferns or Fiddlehead greens are the coiled frond of the fern. Since harvested at an early stage, they are cut close to the ground. They resemble the fiddlehead of... More


Garlic is related to the onion family. It is a root vegetable with a bulb growing underground. The head of garlic is composed of smaller cloves. They come in white, grey, or... More

Green peas

Green peas are most small spherical seedpods. They are green in color and grown during cold season. The pod consists of 2 to 10 light green colored, smooth, and edible seeds... More


A member of the cabbage family, Kohlrabi is a vegetable with a bulb and antennas. It was first cultivated 1500 years ago in Europe. Kohlrabi in German means "Cabbage Turnip... More

Mint leaves

Mint leaves, also known as Mentha, are aromatic herbs. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs from oblong to long shape. The leaves are always downy with a margin. The... More


Mushrooms are fleshy, spore bearing fungus that is grown above the ground on soil. They consists of umbrella like head that is white on top and pink under. Their underside... More


Okra(Ladyfinger) is a useful vegetable that is available throughout India. They are valued for their edible green seedpods. Each pod has small, round, white colored seeds... More


Onions come in various shapes and colors. The most common shape is round to oval. They are also known as bulb or common onion. Onions have thick moist leaf bases inside that... More


Potatoes are nutritionally rich tuberous vegetable. They come in various shapes like round, thin and oval. They are covered with fine skin and moist flesh. The flesh of the... More


Pumpkins are gourd like squashes that belong to North America. They have thick, orange, or yellow shell from top to bottom, with seeds and pulp. They come in various shapes,... More


The term Radish comes from the Latin word Radix, meaning root. It is a native to China. Radishes are root vegetables that resemble turnip but have a distinct flavor. They... More

Taro Crop

Taro is a root vegetable, though at many places its leaves are part of the recipes as well. Native of the Indo-Malay region, this vegetable grows in tropical and sub tropical... More


Tomatillos are small fruits that belong to the tomato family. The fruit consists of an inedible paper like husk, brown in color. The fruit may be green, yellow, or even... More


Tomato belongs to the same family as potato and eggplant. They have glossy, thin, smooth skin with juicy flesh that contains numerous soft edible seeds. They are red, plump,... More