List of sea animals

Get a taste of the underwater life with us. We greet you to the world of sea animals. They are rarely seen and lesser heard than their land and air counterparts. That makes accessing information on sea animals, a tad more challenging. Our page helps you to know about the numerous varieties of sea animals, and know about each of them in great detail.


They are found around the Tropical Coral Reefs. They are found in many different colors and shapes. They are named so because of its coloring and large white and black bands... More


They are known as Decapods (ten limbs). They have a very short tail, covered with thick shell and single pair of claws. Their bodies are flattened, with two antennas and they... More


They are sea mammals and closely related to whales. They are intelligent mammals. They are Carnivores that feed on fish, octopus, crabs and shrimps. Bottle Nose Dolphin is... More


They are invertebrates with hard shells like Crab and Shrimp. They have pair of unequal claws. They have different colors like blue-green, yellow, red, orange and white. They... More


Found in warmer regions, especially those around the tropical and subtropical areas, Manatees is an aquatic mammal, that is also called a Sea Cow. They prefer staying in... More


They are invertebrates with no bones. They are Cephalopod (Marine Mollusk with well developed eyes and head including Cuttlefish and Squids). They move by crawling and... More


Believed to be one of the oldest animals on earth, oysters are a much sought after food item for humans as well as marine animals, fishes and sea turtles. Once adult, Oysters... More


They are shallow water fishes and found in sea around the world. They are also called as Blowfish, Globefish or Balloon fish. They are medium to large sized fish with short,... More


They belong to the family of Crustaceans. Crustaceans are invertebrates with no backbone. They belong to the suborder of Decapods (ten legs). They are found in calm waters... More

Queen angelfish

Queen Angelfish is an Angel fish found near reefs in the warmer section of the Atlantic Ocean. They are named so because of the blue ringed black spot on their head that... More

Sea lion

Sea lions are the adorable animals that all kids love watching in at zoo or amusement parks. These are shore animals and are found everywhere in the world except for the... More


They are fish that breathe using their gills. They are found in temperate and tropical waters throughout the world. They are found in coral reefs, segrasses and mangrove... More


They are also known as Sea Stars. They can be seen in various colors, shapes and size. They are named so because of the star like resemblance. They are not fish but an... More