List of insects

Teeny weeny insects want you to know all about them and invite you to their page. With this page, you will get a glimpse of their milieu, their habitat and see their myriad world through multiple pictures. The information here makes for an interesting reading, in addition to enhancing your knowledge base.


They are social insects that live in colonies. They are found in hot climates. They have six legs and body that is divided into thorax, abdomen and head. They come in... More


They are flying hairy bodied insect. They vary in size from small too big. They are solitary social species that are used for pollination and for producing honey. They fly... More


They are small invertebrate in various sizes and shapes. Their body has three sections coated in hard outer shell such as head, abdomen and thorax. They have two pair of... More


Insects without wings, Bristletails looks a lot like the Silver Fish. It is nocturnal in nature and ventures out in the night to look for food, in decomposed foodstuffs and... More


They are colorful insects. They have slender bodies, knobbed antennae and four broad, colorful wings. They have long straw like structure called Proboscis which is used to... More


They are animals considered as Pests. They are found all over the world. They come in various sizes (large to small). They have broad, flattened body and small head. Their... More


They are insects with two wings. They have elongated body and multifaceted eyes. They live near water. They have good flight speed and can move in all direction forward,... More


One of the animals that are seldom missed out on at places of human activities, is the Housefly. They are one of the most common animals found all over the world. Apart from... More


They are also known as Ladybugs. They are small colorful beetle found all over the world. They have spotted body with red and black, orange and yellow colours. They have... More


Mantis denotes a class of insects that contains about 24000 sub species within itself! They are more commonly famous as the Praying Mantis because of the praying like posture... More


They are found all over the world. They have long legs and long nose to suck blood. They love water and are mostly found near pools of water, damps, swamps and mountains.... More


Scorpions are nocturnal carnivorous animals that are believed to be existing right from the time of the dinosaurs! The Scorpion has eight legs and is mostly found in jungles... More


Spiders are arthropods that have eight legs. They are not same as insects, as insects have only 6 legs. Barring Antarctic, Spiders are found in every continent. Spiders... More