List of fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not only apples, our fruits page will help you to garner information on various other fruits too, with just a click. It will assist you understand the benefits of eating fruits, the vitamins and other nutrients that each of them endows us with, apart from the way each of them looks. Read about them, you will surely appreciate why your Mom insists on making them a regular part of your diet.


Apples are one of the most famous fruit. They are round fruit with firm juicy. They come in oval or pear shape. The outer skin of the apple may be green, red or yellow. The... More


Apricots are round shaped with a depression at the top, to which the stem is attached. The skin is yellow-Orange to pink-Orange and feels soft and smooth. They are similar in... More


A hybrid between sugar apple and cherimoya, Atemoya is a popular fruit of the tropics. The exterior of the fruit is green that turns yellowish when ripen. It has many stumpy... More


Avocado that is also famous as the Alligator Pear because of its shape is a fruit that originally hails from Mexico and parts of Central America. This fruit is finding its... More


Babaco fruit is a native to the Andes Mountain of South America. It is similar to a papaya. It has a bright yellow skin and pale flesh. The taste of the Babaco is similar to... More


Bananas are the most common fruit. The fruit grows from the heart of the tree. They grow as large hanging clusters. They are sold in the market as group called as hand and... More


Blackberry is an aggregate fruit comprising of many small fruits called as drupes. This is dark purple in color with smooth skin. This has a greenish white core that extends... More


Cherries are native of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor regions. These are small reddish black fruits that contain a hard drupe with a stony hard seed at the center. The most... More


Cloudberries are sweet and sour tasting fruits that have the characteristic of growing in the coldest of climates. It is a fruit from the Arctic Tundra. Except for salty and... More

Custard apple

Custard Apple is also known as sugar pineapple or sweetsop. The tree in which this fruit grows is large and has spreading shaded by green leaves. The fruit is round with... More


Dates are the sweetest fruit grown on Palm Tree. The fruit is a drupe which is oval to cylindrical shape. The outer fleshy part of the fruit is surrounded by a shell with a... More

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit, whose other name is Pitaya, is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. The fruit is not only highly beneficial for eating but is also one of the best looking... More


Figs are one of the oldest known fruits. In fact, they are one of the most eaten fruits since the ancient times. This fruit is edible both dried and fresh, though fresh Figs... More


Grape is a tasty fruit with high nutritional value. They can be eaten raw or used in making jam, juice, jelly or wine. They come in various colors such as red, black, blue,... More


Guavas are called Super Fruits. They grow both in dry and humid climates. They are round, ovoid or pear shaped fruit. The outer skin is rough and may be bitter, soft or sweet... More

Jack fruit

Jack fruits are enormous, oval fruits grown in tropical forests of India. It is the largest tree borne fruit. Outside of the jackfruit is spined and cannot be consumed. When... More


Kiwi is also known as Chinese gooseberry. They originated from China. But were later exported to New Zealand where they named it as Kiwi after their national bird. They have... More


Kumquat fruits are native to China. The name Kumquat means "Gold Orange" in Chinese. There are four major varieties of the fruit available - Hong Kong, Marumi, Meiwa and... More


Lemon is the most widely used citrus fruit worldwide. They are the largest consuming citrus fruit. They grow well in temperate and tropical climates than cold and frosty... More


Lychee is native to Southern China. Lychee is found on a slow growing medium sized tree, which has a grey black bark and brownish red branches. This is a small tree that may... More


Mangoes are known as the King of the fruit. The Mangoes originated from India. The name is derived from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or man-gay. They are smooth skinned fruit... More


Mangosteen is called the Queen of fruits. This is commonly found in tropical areas of Asia. It is a purple color, round shaped tropical fruit best known for its snow white... More


Olives are one of the most consumed and remarkable fruits that are loaded with nutrients. Olives are famous as the Olive oil that is now fast becoming the most preferred... More


Orange is the most common fruit in the world. They are cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. They are eaten whole or processed to extract juice. The interior part... More


Papayas are native to Mexico and Central America. They are referred to as ‘Tree Melon’. They grown in a large tree like plant with spirally arranged leaves confined to the... More

Passion fruit

Passion fruit, whose other name is Granadilla, is a native of South America. This grows on a vine tree and the Passion fruit tree grows quickly. This fruit is oval and has a... More


Peaches are warm summer treats that find their places well into ice creams and desserts. These fruits are native to China and belong to the family of roses. Peaches are... More


Pear is a Sweet Juicy Yellow or Green fruit with round shape and narrow towards the stalk. Pear is picked when almost ripe. It has a mild Apple flavor. The interior part of... More


Persimmon is the national fruit of Japan. The name Persimmon in Latin means "The Food for the Gods". Initially from Japan but now, these fruits are cultivable in almost every... More


Pineapples are popular fruit and also called as Ananas. They are group of small fruits that are generally fused together at a central core. They are both juicy and fleshy.... More


Pomegranate is a berry and the size ranges between lemon and grape fruit. They have round hexagonal shape and thick red skin. The seeds in the fruit may vary from 200 to 1400... More


Native to the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, Rambutan in Malay means "hairy" because of its appearance. The fruit is oval with a single seed. The skin is reddish in... More

Star fruit

The Star Fruit resemble a star when cut sideways. They are glossy, yellow, translucent that has five deep lateral ridges that form a star when cut. They are tasty when ripe... More


Strawberries are delicious red fruit that is grown in United States. They are known for its aroma, bright red color, juicy texture and sweetness. They are consumed either... More


Watermelon originated from South Africa. They are round, elongated or egg shaped with a smooth exterior rind which is green and a juicy sweet interior flesh that is from deep... More