List of Flowers

No need to scurry through the garden when you want to learn about flowers. Designed to supplement your information on everything that you will like to know about these gorgeous beauties, our flowers page help you get the best of the facts on them. Their appearances, the number of colors they come in and the areas where they are generally found, are all enlisted in our page. Read on; your parents will surely be impressed at your knowledge on blossoms.

Bird of paradise

Birds of paradise, more popular as Crane Flowers, are native to South Africa. These flowers come in the shape of fans. They are perched at the tip of stalks. Brought to... More


Bluebells is a violet-blue flowering plant that thrives under deciduous trees. There are two species of the plant available - "Hyacinthoides non-scripta" and "Hyacinthoides... More

Calla lily

Native to South and East Africa, Calla Lilies represent deep symbolism. They are one of the most exotic looking flowers around and are widely used for decorations in weddings... More


With leaves that look those of a banana plant, Cannas are annual flowering plants. The flowers of these plants come in a variety of shades including red, pink, yellow, and... More


The scientific name of Carnation is Dianthus Caryophyllus, in which Dios refers to god Zeus and Anthus to flower. As such, Carnations refer to “The flowers of God or Flowers... More


Cockscomb is famous as wool flower or Brain Celosia, since the flower looks like the head of the rooster. They come in bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, and pink.... More


Daffodils, whose scientific name is Narcissus, has a central bell or disc shaped corona surrounded by six leaves called perianth. They have three outer segments of the leaves... More


Dahlias are natives of Mexico. They belong to the family of Sunflower and Daisies. Their colors include orange, pink, purple, and white. They consist of numerous delicate... More


Daisies are vascular plants, found all over the world except for Antarctic region. It derives its name from its routine of opening at the break of dawn. Daisy comes from "Day... More


A favorite with gardeners, Delphinium are very elegant perennial blue, purple, white, pink colored flowers that adorn gardens all over the northern hemisphere. The more... More

Geranium pratense

A perennial plant of the Geranium family, Geranium Pratense comes with purple petals and sharp pointed sepals. They grow from early summer to middle summer. They make... More


Native to South Africa, Gladiolus are great ornamental plants. These beautiful flowers grow on spikes. Any soil that is good for growing vegetables make good soils for... More


Goldenrods are clustered flowers that grow on long stems. There are about 50 species of the flowers available but all of them are almost similar looking. These flowering... More


Hibiscus is a big blossom that grows in warm, tropical climates. They are available in several varieties and forms. Hibiscus is a large funnel shaped flower with soft petals... More

Hoya carnosa

Hoya Carnosa is famous as the Wax Plant since its flowers look waxed. These are strongly fragrant flowers, especially in the evening. People often mistake them for artificial... More


If you want to soak in the aroma of flowery scent instantly, Hyacinth can do the job best for you. These blue, white, red, orange, purple and at times pink and yellow colored... More


A very popular ornamental flower, Hydrangea is native to the southern and eastern parts of Asia. There are two variants of the flower available - one that grow as pompoms,... More


Hypericum is more famous as St John's Wort plant. Yellow is the most common and popular color of these flowers, though they are found in other colors too. Hypericum grows... More


Lavenders are flowering plants that belong to the mint family. Scientific name of the plant is Lavandula. They derive their name from the Latin word “Lavare” which means to... More


Lilac, also known as "Syringea" as the genus name, is a light purple and at times dark purple colored flowers. It is a member of the olive family. This is one of the popular... More


Lotuses come in white and pink colours. They grow in shallow, murky waters. They symbolize beauty, purity, majesty, grace, wealth, richness, and serenity. The roots of the... More


Marigold flowers originated from South America and Mexico. The scientific name of the flower is Tagetes. They come in yellow, orange, and burgundy shades. Marigolds are... More


Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants in the world. They come in different colors. The Orchid flower has six parts. The outer three flower parts are green sepals... More


Pansies are flowers for all seasons as they are cultivable anytime and anywhere. These flowers with faces are relatively easy to grow and do not make much demands on... More


Pasques are small plants that bear flowers, ranging from dark lavender to white in color. Each of the flowers has about 5 to 8 petals. This plant grows only about 6 inches... More


Native to the areas of Mexico and Central America, Poinsettia's popularity lies in its usage during the Christmas. It owes its name to Joel Roberts Poinsett, who introduced... More


The national flower of South Africa, Protea comes with a huge flower head. The other names of this flower are Giant Protea, Honeypot or King Sugar Bush. It comes in several... More

Red clover

An herbaceous plant, Red clover is popular because of its many medicinal qualities it carries. It plant does not survive for long and grows to a maximum height of 80 cms. The... More


Roses are the perennial flowers of the genus Rosa. They are native to the continent of Asia. They are group of plants with erect shrubs and stems having sharp prickles. The... More


Scientific name of Sunflower is Helianthus. Helia denotes Sun and Anthus denotes flower. These flowers possess a large flowering head, used for capturing the Sun's energy.... More


Tulips are the most popular spring flowers. They come in variety of colors, height, and shapes. They are large showy flowers with six petals. The cup or star shaped tulips... More