List of birds

Puffin, parrots, swan, goose, turkey along with their innumerable friends welcome you to their page. Here you will learn all about their vibrant world colored birds and see their various pictures as well. If you have not been able to see any of these birds closely, here is your chance. Read about them, know about them, and see them in all their hues.


Bats are mouse like mammals. They are nocturnal and belong to the family of Chiroptera (Chiroptera means “hand-wing”). They can fly without gliding. They live mostly in trees... More


They are redbirds and do not migrate. They are mostly attracted to bird houses and feeders. They are named so because the bright red color is similar to the vestments used by... More


They are black in color and found in all parts of the world. They belong to the bird family called Corvids which includes Ravens and Magpies. They have strong bills and legs... More


They are found everywhere except Antarctica. They are small web footed animals, with a broad beak and short leg. They have short necks, wings and stout body. They are... More


They are large powerful birds of prey with broad wings. They are known for their size, keen vision and extraordinary flight. Keen eyesight helps to detect prey one and a half... More


It is the second largest flightless bird in Australia. They have long necks, sharp beaks and small ears. Their strong clawed feet are used as a defence mechanism. They have a... More


Finches are tiny birds. Hundreds of sub species are entailed in the category for finches. These birds are hot favorites for the purposes of taming and they are generally... More


They are highly social birds that live in colonies. They are wading birds with long neck. Their eyes are larger than its brain. Their legs are longer than its body. They are... More


Flycatchers are insectivorous birds that belong to the family of Muscicapidae. They vary from dull to bright colors. Majority of the Flycatcher species are less than 10... More


They belong to the family of Anatidae. They are large waterfowl birds. They have long necks. They fly in the shape of V. When one goose flaps its wings it creates uplift for... More


Grosbeak birds have large beaks and hence the name. These are seed eating birds. They also eat fruits. Sunflower seeds are one of their favorite food items. These birds are... More


It is the most common domestic animal. They are known for its meat and eggs. They are known as gallinaceous birds (Gallinaceous birds are ground feeding domestic game birds... More


They inhabit wetlands and places close to lakes and ponds. They are large species of Bird. They are grey in colour with long neck that is S shaped, long legs and sharp long... More


Hoopoe is a colorful bird. Hoopoe is the national bird of Israel. They are found in Europe, Asia and Africa. They are famous for its crown of feathers. The colour of Hoopoe’s... More


They are found in Africa and Asia. They are large distinctive bird with black plumage and long down curved Bill/Beak. Their Bill/Beak is surmounted by horny Casque (helmet... More


They are tiny little birds found in North, South and Central America. When they flap their wings rapidly it produces a Humming sound and hence it is named so. These birds can... More


Found all over the world, Ibis birds are more common to the areas of the southern hemisphere. These birds have a long beak that helps them pick their prey. They stay near... More


The Jay, better known as the Blue Jay derives its name from the call that is makes- jay, jay. These birds are very vibrantly colored. They also make a lot of noise. Though... More


They are small sized colorful birds. They have large heads, long pointed bills, short legs and stubby tails. Families of Kingfisher are River Kingfisher, Tree Kingfisher and... More


They are colorful parrots. They are native to North and South America. They are colorful birds which come in blue, red, yellow and green. They have large, powerful beak, four... More


Magpies are small to medium sized birds, found across the globe. They are members of the crow family but have a distinguished black and white shade on their feathers. This... More


They are the world largest flightless bird. They belong to Africa. They have long neck, short wings and very strong legs. Their toes have a very sharp claw. They are fast... More


They are nocturnal animals. They have wide wings, forward facing eyes and a very sharp downward facing beak. They are Carnivores that feed on mice, squirrels and rabbits. The... More


They are bright colored tropical birds. They have curved beak, strong legs and clawed feet. They are known for imitating human speech. They eat fruits, flowers, seeds and... More


It is the national bird of India. They have crested head and large fanlike tail with rainbow colored spots. Their tail spreads out as a large train with colorful eye markings... More


They are large birds with large pouched bills. They swim well with their short, strong legs and feet. They have long wings and short tails. They are Carnivores that feed on... More


They are domestic birds found in small flocks. They have stout bodies, short necks and short slender bills with fleshy beak. They were originally called as Rock Doves and... More


Plovers are wading birds. Wading birds are the ones that stray on the shores and pluck insects and worms out of the exposed part of the mud. These birds are found all over... More


Puffins are sea birds that spend most of their time swimming and diving. They are famous as Sea Parrots or Clowns of the sea. They have black or white plumage with large... More


They are small sized birds found in Europe, Africa and Asia. They are small, brown grey birds with short legs and powerful beak. They are found common in human habitats. They... More


They are found all over the world except tropical Asia, Central America, north of South America and entire Africa. Swans found in the Northern hemisphere of the earth are... More


They are native of North America. Toucan bird is recognized by its long colorful bill or beak. They have a short, compact body and round tail. Their neck is short and thick.... More


They are large Gallinaceous bird (Gallinaceous birds are heavy bodied ground feeding birds). They belong to North America. They are the largest game bird in North America.... More


They are large scavenging birds known as Birds of Prey. They have bald head, acute eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills. They are basically divided into two Old World... More


Woodpeckers are famous for tapping on trees and trunks to find insects living in the bark. They come in colors such as black, white, red, yellow, orange, and maroon. They are... More