List of Animals

An exhaustive list of animals to learn about, all at your fingertip! All kids find animals intriguing and what better way to help you learn about your furred friends other than assembling all the animal information in one list. You will have a whale of time choosing the animal to learn about from the page that will help increase your knowledge and interest in animals, manifolds times.


They belong to Africa. It is a medium sized burrowing animal. It is an Omnivore. Their name comes from the African language which means Earth Pig. They are also called as Ant... More


Alpaca are the domesticated member of the camel family. They resemble a Llama but are smaller. They have a silky fleece, long neck, triangular ears, and a narrow head with a... More


Named after the prey that they eat most, Anteaters are generally found in the southern parts of Africa, Asia, and Australasia. They have a colossal ability to consume insects... More


Antelopes are ruminant animals. They are found in Africa, Asia and Middle East. They have long legs and horns directed upward and backward. Their coat has variation of brown... More


They are mostly found in South and Central America. The word Armadillo is Spanish word which means little armored one. They are burrowing mammal with their body covered with... More


Badger is nocturnal burrowing animal that belong to the Weasel family. They are Omnivores that feed on berries, seeds, earthworms, frogs and reptiles. They have shovel-shaped... More


Bear is a mammal that belongs to the family of Ursidae. They have large bodies, stocky legs, long snout, shaggy hair and short tail. They belong to North America, Asia,... More


Bison is known as American Plain Buffalos. They are found in North America. They have large head, short horns, massive hump and large hoofed mammals. They have brown winter... More


Camel is known as “Ship of the Desert”. Camels usually have a hump on their back. One humped Camels are known as Dromedary and they are Arabian. Two humped Camels are known... More


Cats are small domesticated Carnivores animal. They communicate by mewing, purring, hissing, growling, squeaking and grunting. They have strong body, sharp claws and teeth to... More


Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. It has a long slender body covered with coarse yellowish fur and dotted small black spots. The long tail of the animal helps... More


Cows are Cud chewing mammals. They are domestic animals. They produce milk which we drink. It is also considered as a sacred animal for some religion. Male Cow is called a... More


Deer are ruminant- cud chewing, hoofed, horned animals that have stomach with four compartments. The distinguishing feature of deer is their Antlers. Antlers are bones that... More


Dogs are descendant of Wolves and they are Omnivores. They are the most popular domesticated animals. They are highly social and so they can be easily trained to fit into... More


They are Herbivores animals and smallest member of the Horse family. They are descendant of Wild Ass and come from the African Desert. They have long ears, tuffed tail and... More


Elephant is a huge mammal. They are grey in color and a four legged herbivores animal. Elephants are mostly found in Africa and Asia. African Elephants have huge ears... More


Ferret is a cute little animal that has been domesticated for ages. In the earlier days, this animal used to aid the farmers by shooing away the rabbits in the farms. They... More


Fox, one of the smallest members of the dog family, is a famous carnivorous animal. It is nocturnal in nature and goes to seek food, only in night. They generally live until... More


Galago means little, night monkeys. They are also known as Bushbabies. They are found in Africa. They have brown or grey fur throughout the body, pointed muzzle, large eyes,... More


Giraffe is the tallest animal in the land. They have spots all around the body except their underbellies. They are found mostly in Africa. They can clean up their ears with... More


Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals. They belong to the Bovidae family (cloven hoofed ruminant mammal) and closely relate to sheep. They are Herbivores. They are... More


Gorilla is the largest among the primate animal. They live in tropical areas of Central Africa. They are Herbivores that feed on roots, stems, barks and fruits. They have a... More

Guinea pig

Native to the Andes Mountains of South America, Guinea Pigs are cute, furry herbivorous animals that do not grow more than 12 inches. This animal is widely domesticated yet... More


It is named so, as it digs through the hedges and underground searching for its food. They are grey in colour with its back and sides covered with Sharp Spines. These sharp... More


Hippopotamus is the third biggest land animal. The name Hippopotamus comes from Greek. The word Hippo means horse. It was once called a river horse because they are used to... More


Horse is a domestic animal. They are used for working too. They are used in wars, transport, racing and agriculture. Horses can be found in same color or mixture of colors.... More


Hyena is a scavenger and a carnivorous animal. It generally feeds on animals killed by other animals and not by the hyenas themselves. One of the most distinguishing features... More


The largest member of the Big Cat family, Jaguars are native to North and South America. It is one of the most good-looking animals. The pattern of dots on their fur is... More


Kangaroo’s live in Australia. They are mammals and marsupials. Marsupials are animals in which female has a pouch to carry their young ones that are immature. They belong to... More


Koalas are iconic Australian symbol and referred as Koala bear. They have stout, tailless body with round fluffy ears and large spoon shaped nose. They do not belong to the... More


An animal that resembles both monkeys and squirrels, Lemurs are the native of, and are extensively found in Madagascar. They have large eyes. They are omnivorous animals and... More


The “King of the Jungle”, Lion is easily recognized by its thick fur around the neck and its tuffed tail. It is a majestic and powerful animal. Sound of the lion is usually... More


Meerkats are small mammals that belong to the mongoose family. They live in deserts and grasslands of Africa. They are famous for their striking upright posture. Meerkats... More


Monkeys are most identified animals in the world. They belong to the Primate family. (Primates are mammals having five fingers on their hands to grasp objects). Monkeys are... More


Moose is the largest animal of the deer species. The name comes from the Algonquin word “Moswa” from which the English word “Moose” is derived. Moose means “Twig-Eater”.... More


Pig is an intelligent animal. They live in farm or in wild. Male Pig is called a Boar. Female Pig before giving birth to babies is called Gilts. After giving birth female Pig... More


Rabbits are mammals and belong to Lagomorphs order. Lagomorphs are hare shaped animals. They are mostly found in North America. They are Herbivores and eat grass, vegetables... More


They are Nocturnal Omnivore animal. They live in North America. Their body color varies from gray to black, and shades from red and brown in between. They have a mask like... More


Rats are long tailed medium sized rodents that have a pointed muzzle but larger than a mouse. They are Omnivores. They eat seeds, fruits, grain, insects, fish and eggs. They... More


They are called as Rhino. They live in the savannas of Africa and grasslands of Asia. Rhinoceros comes from the Greek word which means Rhino as nose and Ceros as horn. They... More


They are precocial (independent at birth) and gregarious animal (to be in group). They are Herbivores and eat grass. They are woolly, horned, ruminant mammal. The wools of... More


Skunks are black, gray, cream, or at times white colored mammal. They have striped fur. They spray a foul smelling liquid from their rear if they perceive threat. They are... More


Squirrels are rodents with small eyes and bushy tails. They are Omnivores. They eat plants, fruits, insects and even small birds. Tree Squirrels are found everywhere. They... More


It is a large mammal. They resemble a Pig but are related to Horses and Rhinos. They have a short prehensile trunk which is also a nose and extended upper lip. It helps to... More


Tiger is the wildest cat in the world. They are Carnivores. Their coat is orange in color with black stripes. Stripes of Tiger vary from one another. They are quiet, patient... More


Wildebeest is an antelope. It is also known as Gnu. Native to the continent of Africa, this animal comes in two species - the Black Wildebeest and the Blue Wildebeest. It has... More


Yaks are found mostly in Asia and especially in the regions around the Himalayas, Russia, and Mongolia. The word Yak is derived from the Tibetan word Nak. Yak is a herd... More


They are Herbivores animal that resembles a Horse. They are not domesticated but they are wild animal. They are also called a Wild Ass. Their coats are striped and... More