List of amphibians and reptiles

Welcome to the page of crawling and creeping friends. Know all about amphibians and reptiles in an easy to understand way. Detailed description of each of the creatures here makes for an in-depth understanding of their world, and questions at the end of each description will help you to reiterate the information read.


They belong to the lizard family. They are known for their changing colors, long, sticky tongue and eyes that are independent of each other. The word Chameleon is derived... More


They are reptiles that belong to the family of Crocodylidae. They are found in Africa, Asia, America and Australia. They are known as huge Lizard. They have long snout,... More


They are Amphibians which live in water and land. They are tail less, stout bodied with moist skin and long hind limb used for leaping. Their tongue is attached in front of... More


They belong to the family of Lizard. They are found in the forests of Mexico and Central America. They are herbivores that feed on flowers, tree leaves and ferns. They live... More


They are elongate reptiles that do not have legs, eyelids and external ears. They are venomous, carnivores’ reptiles. They have an inner ear which helps them in the... More


They are land dwelling reptiles. They are found all over the world. They have strong mouth but no teeth. They have four legs and shells that are joined down the sides. The... More