Kids essentials

Kids essentials and tips for children just a click away. We have encapsulated the lists of birds, animals, sea animals, amphibians, reptiles, fruits for kids for an easy scan. We have also packed in some great tips for kids that will help them and their parents to understand each other's interests better and chalk out better schedules.


Free coloring book

Online drawing tools are of immense help to the kids. They are not only able to select their favorite images but can also color the same, as many times as they want. What’s more, they can save their creations for all future references too. Apart from the... More

Kids Guide

Good habits that make great kids

You have been trying to be a good kid for quite some time now, but somehow you are not able to understand as to what your parents mean by a nice kid. You have tried adopting the good habits that you could possible think of, but still aren’t successful. A... More

Planning is essential for kids

You get up in the morning late because you slept the previous night late. You get up and realize that you are way behind schedule for getting ready for school. You somehow manage to get ready just in time and catch the school bus, but en route realize... More

Choosing apt kid activities

Activities fill up kids’ lives. Kids have loads of energy and it is so very important to engage them. If kids are made to sit at one place for long periods doing things that don’t interest them, they feel stifled and irritated. They are curious and need... More

Learning to cope with failures

Failure - a word we all so very detest but seem to come face to face with it, quite a few times in our lives. Occasionally confronting this negative phenomenon is okay, but what happens when kids counter it, repeatedly? These are the times when the strength... More

Kids behavior: whys and why nots

You get irritated when your parents ask you to do something, you don’t like when your mother calls you back while you are playing, you loathe the very idea of sitting down for studies. You scream and throw tantrums, not realizing that your actions upset... More

Hobby ideas

Hobby means an activity that one takes upon in their leisure time. Since one pursues such activities only in their relaxation time, does not imply that one is not serious towards it. Rather such activities may even chalk out the professional career of an... More

General knowledge


A mountain is defined as a landform that is shaped as a peak. They generally occur in form of massive ranges. They are formed because of tectonic activities. Mountains are measured in terms of meters above sea level though there are several mountains that... More

Few Fascinating inventions

Air conditioning Have you ever wondered who invented the air conditioner that keeps us cool in the hot, humid summers? It was Willis Carrier who invented world's first air conditioning system way back in 1902. The machine that he built could control... More

Famous Rivers

A river is flowing body of water that generally originates from mountains and glaciers and flows through a vast land mass before draining in an ocean or lake. Their existence can be attributed to hydrological cycles. Rivers from time immemorial have... More

Famous Discoveries

Discovery means bringing forth certain information that existed before but were not brought to light, yet. The world we live in today and the mammoth amount of information that we have accessed about everything, are all thanks to the path breaking... More

Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World is a list of seven monuments, the world over that are voted to be to be most intricately built. The seven wonders were enlisted before 2000 too but in year 2000, a project was undertaken to select them from a list of 200... More


Deserts are regions of extreme aridity wherein the evaporation of water is more than what they receive from precipitation. Since such areas get very little rainfall, they have modest precipitation and at times, almost negligible human and animal existence... More


List of Animals

An exhaustive list of animals to learn about, all at your fingertip! All kids find animals intriguing and what better way to help you learn about your furred friends other than assembling all the animal information in one list. You will have a whale of time...More

List of birds

Puffin, parrots, swan, goose, turkey along with their innumerable friends welcome you to their page. Here you will learn all about their vibrant world colored birds and see their various pictures as well. If you have not been able to see any of these birds...More

List of insects

Teeny weeny insects want you to know all about them and invite you to their page. With this page, you will get a glimpse of their milieu, their habitat and see their myriad world through multiple pictures. The information here makes for an interesting...More

List of sea animals

Get a taste of the underwater life with us. We greet you to the world of sea animals. They are rarely seen and lesser heard than their land and air counterparts. That makes accessing information on sea animals, a tad more challenging. Our page helps...More

List of amphibians and reptiles

Welcome to the page of crawling and creeping friends. Know all about amphibians and reptiles in an easy to understand way. Detailed description of each of the creatures here makes for an in-depth understanding of their world, and questions at the end...More

List of fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not only apples, our fruits page will help you to garner information on various other fruits too, with just a click. It will assist you understand the benefits of eating fruits, the vitamins and other nutrients...More

List of Vegetables

Cherry red tomatoes, sparking green mint, red, green, and yellow chili pepper along with all their vegetable friends, want you to know how nutritious they are. Our vegetable page tells you everything about the each of the vegetables and the benefits...More

List of Flowers

No need to scurry through the garden when you want to learn about flowers. Designed to supplement your information on everything that you will like to know about these gorgeous beauties, our flowers page help you get the best of the facts...More