Kids behavior: whys and why nots

You get irritated when your parents ask you to do something, you don’t like when your mother calls you back while you are playing, you loathe the very idea of sitting down for studies. You scream and throw tantrums, not realizing that your actions upset your parents, enormously. If you are doing all of these, are you behaving the right way? No.

It helps to be a well-behaved kid. Given below are a few essential tips to assist you become just that.

Be disciplined

Discipline is by far one of the most difficult traits to adopt but once done, stays with you forever. Discipline means doing all your activities in a certain framework. So, if kids get up on time, do their home work timely and go to play and come back on time, they are not only doing the things, the right way, but setting up a foundation that will help them a great deal, in every sphere of their lives.

Behave with others, as you would like them to behave with you

Learn to make it your thumb rule. Do not scream or use foul language, be interested when somebody is speaking to you, always give a patient ear to what is being said, do not interrupt in between when others are speaking and even if you have a difference of opinion with somebody, especially elders, convey your views nicely, without getting annoyed.

Learn to respect everybody

You will earn respect only if you give it to others. According respect is one of the essentials of good behavior, applicable for everybody irrespective of age. Talk with everybody nicely. Even if somebody is angry with you and is shouting, do not jump into a fight in the heat of the moment. Do not answer back your parents in case they are upset with you over something.

Do not make disparaging remarks

You may come across people whom, you may find somewhat different. You are young and so you may not be able to understand as to why some people behave in certain ways. Do not make disparaging comments for them; such comments upset and are in very bad taste.

I see my friend screaming at his parents, shall I ?

Your parents do a lot for you and therefore you should always accord respect to them. They may say things or expect you do activities in a certain way, out of your comfort zone. Do not be disappointed, they are simply trying their bit to make you a responsible child.

Kids are young and may not understand the importance of choosing the right role models. It is so very essential to mull before you decide to follow somebody’s footsteps. Look around; observe your friends and their habits, pick up the ones that help them earn praise from others.

I feel so stifled; Mamma always keeps on telling me things to do

Your parents have to keep on repeating the activities that you are to do, simply because you do not do them or make a halfhearted approach. If you follow their instructions carefully, they will not required to goad you all the time.

Learn to do your own stuff, as far as possible

Whether it is getting ready for school, packing your school bag, doing your homework or keeping your room clean, learn and try to do as many activities as you can, especially the ones pertaining to you. It will not only help your parents but would also make you superbly responsible. Even if you cannot do the complete activity, you can do certain parts of it; it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Try being good to others

Whether with helping out your younger siblings or other kids at play or studies, your Papa to wash the car or your Mamma with the kitchen chores, good behavior comes naturally if you try being good to others. This will not only earn you many praise, but will also make you a good role model for other kids to follow.

Learning good behavioral traits is not an overnight phenomenon. It builds over a period, but stays with you, lifelong.