Good habits that make great kids

You have been trying to be a good kid for quite some time now, but somehow you are not able to understand as to what your parents mean by a nice kid. You have tried adopting the good habits that you could possible think of, but still aren’t successful. A good kid is one who inculcates good habits. These are the habits that not only make you a happy and responsible child, but would help you, in years to come. The habits that you form now will build the foundation for tomorrow and if you do not check yourself, it is going to be tough for you and your Mamma and Papa as well.

Given below is a list of good habits. You must be practicing some of them for sure. Just try incorporating, as many as you can in your life….your parents and everybody else would surely be very proud of you.

Keep yourself scrupulously clean:

Make sure you take proper bath every day, brush your teeth before retiring to bed and again in the morning, clip your nails short and last but not the least, keep your hair clean and trim it regularly. Practicing these will make you look well and feel good.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink as much of water as you can, all through the day. Water constitutes about 75% of our body weight, keeps the body hydrated, and flushes out toxins. Therefore, in case you are drinking inadequate amounts of water, you are not only harming your physical body, you’re harming your mental capabilities as well.

Develop good etiquettes:

Do not speak loudly or scream at others, wish everybody, especially elders whenever you meet them, carry a napkin with yourself all the time, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing and not to miss, do not make sounds as you munch your food.

Keep your surroundings clean:

Make sure you keep your room, other parts of the house and your surroundings clean. This will not only keep you away from diseases but keep you energized as well. Plant lots of trees in your vicinity to drive away pollution.

Inculcate superior habits:

Wash your hands before and after eating, sleep at night early and be an early riser in the morning, come to the lunch/ table without keeping others waiting, be courteous and be responsible for your own belongings.

Eat healthy food:

You cannot keep healthy if you constantly binge on junk food. Those may seem additive but remember it is wholesome food, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates that keeps you fit. Mamma takes a lot of pain in preparing meals for you and knows what’s good for you and so, do not throw tantrums for the meals served.

Play outdoor sports:

Ensure that you play outdoor games every day. You will keep well, agile and healthy. Being a couch potato and watching television make obese and dull kids. Which side of the fence do you want to be?

Make a proper schedule:

Make a proper schedule incorporating your study and play time. Make sure you stick to it. If you revise your lessons bit by bit every day, you are sure to breeze through your tests. Pick up a hobby like a particular sport, drawing or music. Devote some time to it every day. It will not only help to nurture your talent but will also keep you in a happy frame of mind.

Appreciate everything:

Be grateful for everything that you get, however miniscule that may be. The flavorful food that your mother cooks, the lovely toys that your papa brings, the knowledge that your teachers imparts or even the little of the help that your dear friend gives, calls for appreciation. Always be humble no matter what.

Never mind if this seems to be an exhaustive list; take your time. Just go through it once in a while as a reminder; you’ll surely come to know what you are missing out on.