Hobby ideas

Hobby means an activity that one takes upon in their leisure time. Since one pursues such activities only in their relaxation time, does not imply that one is not serious towards it. Rather such activities may even chalk out the professional career of an individual.

Given below is a list of hobbies that kids can make upon top home their various skills.

Arts and crafts


Origami involves folding paper into various shapes and figurines. This traditional Japanese art form is a great hit with the kids. In Japanese, "Gami" means paper and "Ori " entails folding. There are a large number of books available on the subject. For practicing this art form, all you need is paper, scissors, glue and of course, loads of imagination. Kids can prepare scrapbooks with their creations pasted on them.


Quilling, that is also known as "Filigree" is akin to beautiful paintings, sans paints and brushes! Quilling is an art form wherein stunning pictures, figurines, and even scenes are created, simply by rolling and coiling paper strips into various shapes and sizes. It is majorly used for creating cards; it is also helpful when creating items like jewellery, pen stands, and photo frames. There is no dearth of designs that can be created by this method; all you require are few quilling tools, some adhesive and papers strips of various length, breadth, and colors.


Decoupage is an art form intrinsic to England. It involves cutting and sticking picture papers s on various objects and chiseling them to look like a printed or a painted object. Decoupage is though a laborious process is sure to find many admires. Generally, cutouts from a newspapers, magazines, or comic strips are stuck on platters, small furniture items and even mugs, painted a little and dried. After drying for several days, the object is s given a glossy finish. The art of good decoupage is in making the stuck pictures look like printed/painted ones and not stuck ones.

Parchment craft

Parchment craft is another craft that is sure to make you a cynosure of all eyes. It involves embossing and embellishing the parchment paper. Used for making cards, parchment craft can also be used to decorate other objects. You require parchment tools like mapping pens, embossing tools, coloring tools, needle tools, and perforating pads to get a head start in this art. Though time taking, this art form looks stunningly beautiful with even simplest of the designs.

Block printing

Block printing may come to be relatively easy than the other kinds of art forms mentioned here. The trick in good block printing lies using your imaginative powers. Block printing does not mean just stamping the blocks randomly over various pieces of cloths. Rather cloths are not the place where you can use this art form. You can create personalized stationary like letter pads and envelopes with it. Blocks when used creatively in different sizes, designs, and colors different make masterpieces.

Molding craft

Molding and playing with dough is the first fun activity kids indulge in as preschoolers. However, molding craft is not an activity that is not restricted to the preschoolers only. Kids and adults of any age can take this as a hobby. Rather molding craft paves way for other hobbies like sculpting too. The number of figurines you can make with this art form is unrestricted. All you need is dough, few tools and great ingenuity skills.



The hobby of stamps collecting, also known as Philately, is one of the most sought after hobbies worldwide. It is exciting for both old and young. In the days when we had no e-mails and social medias, postal services was one of the most important and at places the only medium of communication. This hobby made a humble beginning from the time the first postage stamps were issued. In case you want to make stamp collection your hobby too, the nearest postal service centre will come handy.


Coin collection is also one of the very famous hobbies. Collecting coins, especially the ones that are no longer in circulation, makes for interesting antique pieces. This is also one of the easiest hobbies to start. Just keep collecting an assortment of coins that are different from each other. Make sure that you keep the coins placed in the folders neatly so that you know their intrinsic and artistic values.


Rock collection is also a hobby that finds many takers. Collecting rocks and then segregating them based on their formations, for example, igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary makes for an interesting hobby. Not only the collection part, but assessing the formation history of the rocks makes for an thrilling study.


Probably more common with boys, car collection is a hit with few adults too. Prototypes of the famous models of cars make for an interesting collection. This hobby may take more space than stamps or coins, and better maintenance too.

Trading cards

Off late, a popular hobby with the kids, trading cards entails trading cards of various sportspersons or other poplar figures amongst the kids themselves. Kids strive to have the maximum assortment by trading such cards amongst their friends.


Whether young or old, the stars above, enthralls everybody. Imagine getting a good telescope and studying the stars every night. This is hobby excites everybody and you can spend hours gazing deep in the sky and studying about the various stars that you see.

D-I-Y kits

Another very useful hobby for the kids, the do-it-yourself kits helps sow the seeds of the future researchers. Such kits not only helps you to understand the scientific principles but also helps you build upon your ingenuity skills. Building several projects with such kits enhances the confidence and creative levels in kids, apart from being educational.


One of the oldest kinds of hobbies, adopting any sports or game as a hobby enhances your skills in it. Even if you have any other hobby, you should still pick a game to excel in .These not only keeps one physically fit but mentally agile as well.


Learning to sing or playing any musical instrument is also a hobby that kids take upon commonly.

Scrap booking

Another hobby that has become popular in the last two decades, scrapbooking brings out the very best of your creative skills while helping you to display your memories or collections. There is no dearth of topics that you can create scrapbook upon including flowers, birds, animals, or even yourself. Make sure the embellishments that you use do not ruin the photographs and pictures.


Ideal for teenagers, photography not only makes one creative but also hones the skill to have an eye for detail. Kids can choose from a plethora of subjects in this hobby. Start with a relatively inexpensive camera first. There are several softwares available to enhance the quality and look of the photographs. Taking upon the photography as a hobby helps you to appreciate minutest of things and capture the precious moments beautifully, in every special occasion of your life.