Famous Rivers

A river is flowing body of water that generally originates from mountains and glaciers and flows through a vast land mass before draining in an ocean or lake. Their existence can be attributed to hydrological cycles.

Rivers from time immemorial have played a huge role in the development of civilizations and regions. Most of the early civilizations were centered along the course of a river for the access to water. The benefits of rivers are manifold. Since most of the rivers are freshwater formations they provide the elixir of life - water for all kinds of domestic and industrial purposes. They help to irrigate the surrounding regions. Dams built on rivers generate electricity. They also help in providing waterway transport to help people move from one area to another.

Every country has one or more than one, important river system that forms its lifeline. Enumerated below are the few of the most important rivers that have helped several countries with all the benefits for centuries now.


It is the second longest but the largest river in the world. Amazon River comes with the largest water flow and the largest drainage basin. It stretches over Brazil, Columbia and Peru. It has various tributaries that flow through several cities in these countries. Originating from the Andes Mountains, it drains into the Atlantic Ocean. Amazon rainforests, the humongous forests that grow along the course of the Amazon River are the richest tropical forests for biodiversity.


The tenth longest river in the world, Amur stretches from Russia to China. It rises from western Manchuria and drains into the Strait of Tartary. It forms a border between the two countries. It travels through various types of vegetation types like taiga, tundra, desert, and steppes.


River Congo, the third longest river in the world, is also the world's deepest river. It was earlier known as River Zaire. The countries it touches include Angola, Cameroon, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo, amongst few others. The river charts its course through the Congo Rainforests, which are the second largest rainforests in the world, after Amazon rainforests.


Danube is the second longest river of Europe. It touches ten countries including Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, and Croatia amongst others. It posed as the frontier for the erstwhile Roman Empire. The river has several tributaries, which are important sources of water in the regions that they flow. It drains into the Black Sea.

Hwang Ho

Hwang Ho River, which is also known as the Yellow River is the second longest river in Asia and the sixth longest river in the world. It is also known as the "River of Sorrow" for the frequent floods and the change of course that it begets. This river has been greatly instrumental in the growth of the earliest Chinese civilizations.


Mississippi is the fourth longest river in the world and the largest river of the US. It touches all the US and Canadian states that fall between Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains. Its valley is one of the most fertile lands of the US. Missouri is the biggest tributary of Mississippi.

Murray darling

Murray is Australia's longest river. It originates from the Australian Alps and drains in to the Southern Ocean. Its course is known as the Food Bowl of the Nation". Murray River along with Darling River, makes a huge basin that covers one seventh of Australia. This basin houses many exotic animal species.


Nile is the longest river in the world and flows through 11 countries in Africa. The White Nile and the Blue Nile are its major tributaries. The ancient Egyptian civilization prospered, thanks to Nile. It drains into the Mediterranean Sea. Several dams are built along the course of the river.


The river that has played an important role throughout the Russian civilization, Volga is the longest river of Europe. Its basin covers one-third part of Russia that lies in Europe. The capital of Russian along with 19 other large cities of Russia found their place along Volga River. Some of the largest reservoirs are also found in its course.

Yangtze Kiang

The third longest river in the world, Yangtze Kiang is the longest river in Asia. This along with the Hwang Ho River has played a great roe in the history and growth of China. Over the recent years, the river has been subjected to increased pollution that has led to various floods. It originates from Geladaindong Peak and drains into West China Sea.