Fidget Spinners - Do they Really Spin Away Stress?

Fidget Spinner

One queer metal piece with bearings, supposedly spinning away stress and the habit of fidgeting in kids is the new sensation amongst them, across the globe. How and why the fidget spinner has caught the fancy of kids worldwide suddenly, is actually unfathomable. Nondescript until the beginning of 2017, fidget spinners is fast becoming a must have in every child’s toy list since March this year, and its users are multiplying by thousands everyday. To add to the craze, one can find several videos dedicated to the tricks that one can do with these metal somethings.

Does the spin really help?

Initially touted as a tool to help bring focus and concentration in children afflicted by autism, ADHD or other attention deficit disorders, fidget spinners have undoubtedly caught on the popularity simply because of the benefits that they supposedly accrue. But whether or not they actually do so is a matter of great debate. The reports are contradicting. While some claim it is just a three pronged toy that has become the flavor of the season much like Pokemon Go used to be sometime back, there are others who claim that the toy has indeed benefited their children and have made them more focused.

Be cautious with the spin

Out of the multitude of sensory and motor tools for children that the have been developed to help them focus, this one hardly found its place in the scroll ever. Rather than some object for helping with concentration, the toy is increasingly being perceived an addiction and nuisance, and has therefore been banned in several schools in some countries. More than a toy for helping kids, this toy now has come to denote snob value. So just in case a child does not own fidget spinners, he is apparently not in sync with his peers.

Other than reports about its alleged futility in helping kids, there also have been reports of fidget spinners causing harm to them since few of them have been found to be containing lead. Other than that, there have also been reports of kids swallowing small parts of the toy. These two attributes are controllable though. One, parents should buy fidget spinners only of quality companies and two, small kids should be allowed to use it only under adult supervision.

Buy it if you must, but with little expectations

Now the big question is, even if these two potentially harmful effects are controllable, is there actually a need for you to buy your child a fidget spinner? The manufacturing and marketing companies of the toy will lead you believe that by just spinning the spinner in between his fingers, your child will become a genius. But reality may not be so. This is can be termed at best, a passing fad, a mechanical toy that has made its way into the must have lists of children simply because it is somewhat different; different from the loads of child game consoles or Android games that make it to this unique list at some point of time, stay there for a while and gently slip away.

Fidget spinners can at best qualify as a tool for small period distractions for your cranky child or a trend that you are made to give in to, for no apparent logical reasoning by your child, who may forget all about it, a few months down the line.