Choosing apt kid activities

Activities fill up kids’ lives. Kids have loads of energy and it is so very important to engage them. If kids are made to sit at one place for long periods doing things that don’t interest them, they feel stifled and irritated. They are curious and need something to arouse their interest, constantly. And why not? After all, brain’s development is superlative in one’s formative years; if they simply sit back, laze around, and watch television, they are doing an indescribable amount of harm for themselves.

Given below are rejoinders to certain apprehensions that young kids may have, while choosing their activities.

What are the activities that you should involve in?

It all depends upon your age group. If you are a preschooler, then emphasis should be more on building your gross motor skills. You will gain a lot of the same with drills that involve oodles of running, jumping, and hopping. Activities like block building and coloring with big chunky crayons will hone your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Dancing, splashing in the pool or riding tricycles will help you in developing your loco-motor skills. Exercises like rolling dough and puzzles do a great favor to your little fingers that are just getting ready to help you with finer work, in years to come. In your age, it is also important that you indulge in activities that help you with recognition of colors, shapes and sizes as well.

If you are attending an elementary school, your activities will be somewhat different from those of the preschoolers. You would be now in a position to do exercises that call for fine motor skills, creativity, and problem solving. At this stage, you would also be able to understand the activities that are in tandem with your innate talents. Your pretend plays would be carrying a lot of finesse now. You would be able to grasp the nuances of the games that you play. You would like to involve yourself in a lot of educational and board games too.

How should you choose the right activities?

Choose the ones wherein you gain in terms of knowledge and expertise. If you are fond of watching others play a particular game, try your hand at it. Try as many things as you want, but do not be whimsical. Give every activity, however uninteresting it may seem to be initially, your best shot. Be focused and give all your attention to the job that you are doing. Do not indulge in too many of them at a given point in time.

Indulge in group-plays

Group-plays will teach you so many things that you may otherwise be unaware of. You may stumble upon solutions that may not have crossed your mind before. Interacting with others not only helps you to gain knowledge but also helps to build your social skills. You acquire confidence and earn friendship that lasts for years. Don’t refrain from sharing when playing in groups. Share your toys and other playthings with your friends. You will not only have great times but would also get to play a variety of games.

Make outdoor plays a “must have” in your to-do list

Irrespective of the number of games that you play inside your house, make sure you give yourself a healthy dose of outdoor play, every day. This will make you feel healthier and fitter, besides building your gross motor skills.

Involve yourself in a hobby that you like

Introspect on your interests and be involved in a hobby. Whether it’s coloring, drawing, stamp collection, making clay models, swimming or any game, your hobby brings forth your innate talent and nurtures your creativity. Indulging in television and video games are fine but only for limited period; too much of these make you dull and unenergetic.

One’s formative years are the best years for learning and channelizing energy to acquire new skills. You are young and bustling with enthusiasm; divert it into valuable activities.