How to Build your Child’s Self Esteem

A positive attitude and confidence inculcated early in life goes a long way in grooming self assured and productive individuals high on self esteem. Building self confidence in children is not an overnight task and neither does it come automatically. It is the task of the parents to bring about an environment wherein such skills are fostered, check their own behavior and generally have a positive outlook because children pick what they see.

Though we all may want to bring about self assured kids, we may still be faltering at several instances since we are not sure about the dos and don’ts. Here is a list that will help you in the endeavor. In fact not only for your child, the given list will also help you becoming a better individual. It is never too late to change yourself for the better.

Spend time

This is by far one of the most important yet the most overlooked aspect of child grooming. Everybody is busy and so are you, but that should not take away the time that you are supposed to spend with your child. Even when your child grows up and starts attending school or higher classes, you should spend time with her/him. Unless you have that one to one talk with your child on an everyday basis, you will never come to know what is happening in their lives and guide.

Let them learn by themselves

Do not take the pain of feeding, bathing, grooming them once they are old enough to do these activities on their own. More they indulge in different activities not only will the kids learn more, but will also develop confidence. In fact you can also involve them in activities that are meant for children of higher age groups like playing musical instruments, cooking without fire at al. Facing different challenges not only shapes their personality but will also help you to know about their talents better.

Do not offer praise when they do not deserve

Be sincere in your feedback. Do not praise your child only because she will feel bad if you do not do so. Give them the correct opinion and guide them to improve upon their errors. This is very important for their self assessment. In fact praising when not deserved will do them more harm than good as your child with very little achievement would feel as if she has done the very best that she could have had.

Do not compare your child

one of the oft repeated mistakes that parents commit. Every individual is different and so is your child. Do not compare your child with other kids. Instead if you ever want to them to inculcate somebody’s good habits explain them the benefits that they will accrue if they do so. Similarly it is also important to tell them the negative characteristics that they should not take from others especially the peers if such characteristics are not in their best interest. Children should be taught to get inspired by only right personality traits of people they interact with.

Concentrate on your child’s strengths

Incessant harping about your child’s weaknesses will do more harm to your child and your relationship with her than any good. Instead identify the strengths and put efforts to build upon them. Once the child is strong enough in the faculties that she is brilliant in, the weaknesses will automatically be mitigated.

Instilling confidence and self esteem in children is a continuous process. The roadblocks in the process would be several. Your child’s and your own negative life experiences may hamper the process. But it is the duty of the parents to strive continuously. A little effort here and little change there, would go a long way in bringing up an individual that you would be immensely proud of.