Welcome to our animal and bird world

Kids, in their earlier years, love to learn about animals and birds. They like to see different animals and know about them.

Our animals and bird pages help them to get the best of the information on various animals, birds, sea animals, and insects in the easiest possible way. A few clicks and your child will vroom into the world of unlimited learning.

Accessing the animal and bird page

Log in @ www.w3kids.com/user/login with your w3kids id and password. You will be greeted to a page with the moving and animated images of various creatures. You can click on any of the images - animals, birds, sea animals, or insects. You can also reach the page via "Quick Links". Simply click on "Quick Links" and the menu with various sections of w3kids.com will open up before you. Thereafter, click on "animals and birds'.

Select the desired category

Animals and birds categoriesChoose the category that your child wants to learn about- animals, birds, sea animals, or insects.

Kids can learn with default list view - Option 1

Animals and birds List viewAfter choosing the category of creatures, your kid will be directed to the default list view. There are 10 images listed in the first page and one can navigate to next set of images using the bottom paging link.They can simply choose the animal that they want to learn about, and click on the right side bottom end small buttons to access information.

Kids can learn with slideshow - Option 2

Animals and birds SlideshowYour kids also have the option of learning with a slideshow. Once the child chooses the category of creatures, and clicks on "slideshow", a slide show with magnified images of creatures will start, along with the pronunciation of the name. If you want a particular image of a creature show on the screen for a stipulated time, kindly hover the mouse on the image. The slideshow will stop. To resume the slideshow, kindly take the ambit of mouse out of the image. Kids can use the left side bottom buttons to stop, pause, and go to next and previous actions. Kids can click on the right-sided bottom end small buttons to access details of the concerned animals/bird/sea animal or insect.

Understanding the small buttons

Animals and birds buttonsThere are three small buttons on the right side bottom end of each image. Kids can learn about the animals, play the sound, and view more images of the creatures using these buttons.

- Description and questions

Animals and birds questionsEach of the animal, bird, sea animal or insect depicted in w3kids.com come with exhaustive description including the habitat, the places where it is found and the name of its young ones. In addition, after each of such description, a multiple choice question test is also available for the kids to help them remember, recall, and reiterate the information learned.

- The right pronunciation of the names

w3kids.com also helps kids with the correct pronunciation of the name of the each of the living beings depicted in the pages. Kids can easily click on the "sound" icon and hear the pronunciation of the name correctly.

- Availing multiple images

Animals and birds more imagesw3kids.com helps kids to get the best idea of the way each of the animal looks. This is the reason that for each of the animal, bird, sea animal or insect depicted in the pages, multiple images have been coordinated to help kids to the optimum. For accessing such images, one has to simply click on "More Images"