Fidget Spinners - Do they Really Spin Away Stress?

One queer metal piece with bearings, supposedly spinning away stress and the habit of fidgeting in kids is the new sensation amongst them, across the globe. How and why the fidget spinner has caught the fancy of kids worldwide suddenly, is actually unfathomable. Nondescript until the beginning of 2017, fidget spinners is fast becoming a must have in every child’s toy list since March this year, and its users are multiplying by thousands everyday. To add to the craze, one can find several videos dedicated to the tricks that one can do with these metal somethings.

Interesting Math Activities

Teaching numbers to preschoolers can be a slightly daunting task. Though they may take up to learning numbers easily, but to remember each number name and associate itself with as many number of items, can be a bit confusing for children. Kids need activities that help them learn about numbers easily; simple book teaching will not yield much result here.

How to Build your Child’s Self Esteem

A positive attitude and confidence inculcated early in life goes a long way in grooming self assured and productive individuals high on self esteem. Building self confidence in children is not an overnight task and neither does it come automatically. It is the task of the parents to bring about an environment wherein such skills are fostered, check their own behavior and generally have a positive outlook because children pick what they see.

Get to Know About the Largest Bird in the World

Ever wondered how does the largest flying bird on Earth looks like? A humungous black bird that has white feather around its neck, the Andean Condor has the distinction of dwarfing all other avian that can fly. It is the largest flying bird with reference to wingspan and body weight. It has a wing stretch of 3.2 meters. The male birds are bigger than the female birds.

Welcome to our animal and bird world

Kids, in their earlier years, love to learn about animals and birds. They like to see different animals and know about them.

Our animals and bird pages help them to get the best of the information on various animals, birds, sea animals, and insects in the easiest possible way. A few clicks and your child will vroom into the world of unlimited learning.